Alam: Kingdom Of Plants (2022)

Alam: Kingdom Of Plants (2022)


Aviv Rubinstien

Aviv Rubinstien, Lianne O’Shea

Maya Karin, Idris Khan, Shazleen Shah, Daniella Sya, Karl Amry, Lianne O’Shea

Malaysia & USA




Sarah flees her crumbling life in America to teach biology in semi-rural Malaysia. She has trouble adjusting to the new culture, Her adventure soon turns into terror because Sarah discovers a strange sickness has befallen her: She is throwing up dirt, earthworms and roots. She is slowly transforming with Vines and Flowers growing from her body
Sarah discovers she is the victim of an ancient local legend: “The Curse of the Twelve Sisters of Santhumala.”
This forest spirit had always been telepathically calling her into the enchanted forest of Malaysia. With no other choice, and in search of a cure for her mysterious illness, Sarah ventures into the forest alone, letting her vines growing from her body guide her. Eventually she discovers the source of her ailment, a mystical giant creature trapped for generations in the forest, calling out to Sarah to submit. Once Sarah finally submits to this giant cave creature when she is swallowed up into the earth and is reborn. Has she been cured of her ailment? Is this a new beginning….?
MAYA KARIN Award Winning Actress and Queen of Malayisa’s Horror & Fantasy Box Office in crossover supporting role as Meela
MAYA KARIN Star of Munafik 2 is currently the highest-grossing local film of all time in Malaysia (first 2 weeks, USD $10 million)


Almost Completed
a few Special Effect Vines being done
Ready for Delivery 2022
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