SuperSquad Alien Blasters

SuperSquad Alien Blasters


Voice Actors

Aaron Aziz, Diana Danielle, Daf






Series Synopsis

An ancient evil is awakening. The SuperSquad have to race against time to stop the 10,000 year old Blood King from collecting the five ancient diamonds of Nagasakti to summon the slumbering Ancient One.

The SuperSquad , comprising of Captain Danny with his Nano-armour, Elly with her telekinetic powers, Sasha with her super strength, Blinq’s super-speed and Alan’s ever changing energy powers have to find a way to stop bickering and work together to defend their city from the various monsters emerging from portals.

At the same time, the pesky Zeeboz and his robot minions have their own plans for world domination.

Movie Synopsis

“When the skies go dark, evil from the depths of space will be upon us.” – Sanskrit Prophecy

The SuperSquad goes up against their greatest foe, an alien race know only as the Insekts who decimated Earth’s space defenses with the help of Zeeboz but was ultimately defeated by Earth’s armada.

The Insekt has other plans, and opens a portal to the past to destroy the Earth. The SuperSquad races into the portal and ends up in our present.

The Insekts arrival was foretold in an ancient prophecy and sets into motion a series of events that would lead to the Earth’s destruction. And the Insekt Queen hold secrets that could devastate the SuperSquad.


  • Duration: 92 min
  • Genre: Action Comedy CGI Animation
  • 13 Episodes X 20 minutes Language : Bahasa Malaysia Production Completion : December 2015
  • 1 X 90 minute Feature Film Language : Bahasa Malaysia Production
  • Completion : March 2014
  • Target Audience : 7 to 12 year olds
  • Demographic : Boy skewed with strong girl appeal
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